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Pokésports: A Competitive Pokémon Podcast

Sep 22, 2021

Folks, Unite is going through a metamorphosis! It's an absolutely wonderful time to be into this game, and Mike & Kevin will be walking you through all of the changes.

Of course, their true love lies with VGC, so they'll be walking you through 

Here are the teams built today!

Sep 18, 2021

In this special extra episode of Pokésports Podcast, we're joined by GoofGG, who is a member of the #1 team in all of Pokémon Unite. He and his team have achieved top spots in nearly every tournament they have participated in, and are looking to define what it looks like to be a top team in the game.

In this episode,...

Sep 15, 2021

While we wait for the next game in the Pokémon series, we've got plenty of things going on to keep life interesting.
Wait...why are we waiting for BDSP if it doesn't have competitive? There's a very good answer for that.
Happy Gengar Day!...

Sep 8, 2021

It's about time, on this beautiful Haunter Day, that we receive the wonder of Unite Tournaments! This may be an omen of things to come, or are they simply dipping their toes in the water? Let's see!

Sep 1, 2021

It's time for Blastoise to join us in Pokémon Unite! What's that going to mean for the game?

Also, know the difference between Winrate and Usage, and how one influences the other.

Happy Gastly Day!