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Pokésports: A Competitive Pokémon Podcast

Aug 26, 2020

We're all about Series 6, but even more than that, Mike's all about E C O N O M I C S. Call the SWOT team, cuz we're doing some analysis! There's some good debate in this one about which Pokémon are going to make it to Series 6 as well.

On this week's Post-Game, we speak about places we've been, Diablo Immortal, and...

Aug 19, 2020

In this episode, Mike & Kevin delve into the resources you can use to take yourself from absolute green to pro status. Whether you're vying to play some VGC, struggling to learn Smogon, or just particular to Pokémon, this may be an episode that brings you knowledge you may not already have!

Aug 12, 2020

With all of the Isle of Armor Tutor Moves, we beg the question "How can I use these to my advantage?" Slowly but surely, Terrain is becoming a staple in VGC2020, moreso than weather. Kevin and Mike will try and help you navigate through the new ecosystem, and remind you not to Sucker Punch in Psychic Terrain.

Aug 5, 2020

Mike and Kevin have been using Pokémon Showdown forever. Now it's time to really explain to people why it's such a pivotal part of our community. What do you think? Is it infringing on IP? Or is it fostering a competitive group of intellectuals?

Also, it's a new month, so we're all about those Usage Stats! Get a load...

Aug 3, 2020

This week, we spoke to JoeUX9: A popular Twitch Streamer, Competitor, and Tournament Organizer about all the intricacies of VGC20. He's been on a hot streak, and we wanted to capture the wealth of knowledge that he has. Check it out!